Passing the miracle of science and religion, the beginning of each life makes the sexual act. Why does he now have to be a problem? Although there will be a sex becomes uncomfortable or if he takes less pleasure than it has ever been before, in the case of each pair, expecting a child, he would face certain intentions.

Just before fertilization can be seen more diversity of needs and sexual response. Something that can bring satisfaction to one pair (for example, “marital duties” once a week), others may be totally inadequate, because they live together every day. After fertilization, this difference may increase even more, will become even more complex issues of sexuality and feelings, this second pair can now have sexual relations at least once a week and vice versa.

Despite the fact that there is a significant difference between the two pairs, but for all trimesters is characterized by a sinusoidal variation of sexual relations. Often reduced interest in sex early in pregnancy (one study, 54% of women during the first trimester noted that the libido is greatly reduced). Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain in the chest at night do not contribute to the weasel. The women do not experience these inconveniences, sexual desires are, basically, at the same level.

A small number of women need in a sexual relationship during pregnancy, even increased, because hormonal changes cause congestion (hyperemia) and hypersensitivity of the vulva, or because breast tenderness is very painful for some, for others a source of pleasant experiences. These individuals can have an orgasm or multiple orgasms for the first time. Manifestation of interest in sexual relations is growing normally, though not always, in the second trimester, as both have become accustomed physically and mentally to the new situation. In the third trimester appears again a definite worsening of relations (even more than the first) because of the obvious reasons: firstly, the increasing inconvenience of a growing belly, and secondly, the pain and inconvenience of ongoing pregnancy can cool sexual desire, and, in Thirdly, it is difficult now to concentrate on something else.

Not only physical attraction, but also a pleasant feeling, which delivers sexual intercourse, weakened during pregnancy. Prior to fertilization some couples, as noted by 21% of women, sex does not give them any pleasure or delivered very little. During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, this number grew to 41% and reached 59% in nine months. These same studies show that by the twelfth week, a couple of stops at all nine sex, and the ninth month this regard is one in three couples. But on the other hand, more than 4 in 10 women get pleasure from sex during this period, more than half of them – “no problem”.

Consequently, it may be that sex during pregnancy gives the most pleasure, and pity that it should be limited. It can also be inconvenient obligation. Sometimes it is eliminated completely, but despite this, to this problem should be approached more naturally.


Unfortunately, many doctors explain matters of sexual relations more conservative way, as we all are. Often they do not tell prospective parents what changes they expect or not, in the intimate sphere of life. And it leaves a lot of doubts about further action. Understanding how sex during pregnancy are changing, you can get rid of many phobias and anxiety, and often sexual relationship even become easier and deliver more fun and more satisfying.

Firstly, a lot of mental changes can affect a mutual sexual attraction and the very perception of them as negative and positive. Consciousness of this state of things can reduce the significant impact of some negative factors in the relationship. On the other we must learn to live … and love.

Nausea and vomiting. If these events are held throughout the entire day, then they should just wait it out. (Most of nausea begins to pass by the end of the first trimester). If these effects occur in a certain time, it should adapt to them their distribution and use of the day time when discomfort occurs. If we are feeling bad, you should not do anything for entertainment. And stress can further strengthen this malaise (see tips on how to reduce early morning vomiting).

Fatigue. Fatigue should also go after the fourth month of pregnancy. Until that time must be used more often the case for sexual relations during the day and not wait for long sleepless nights. If you have a free afternoon at the end of the week, it’s the perfect time to make love as relaxation.

Changing the shape. Sex can become uncomfortable when your belly grows so much that will remind the Himalayan peak. As the pregnancy many couples may decide that, given this difficulty, the achievement of good feeling comes to a close. In addition, new forms, which becomes a female figure, may also reduce interest partner at that time when you should wait with this situation, in accordance with the statement that during pregnancy a “very pleasant”.

Hyperemia and edema of the genital blood vessels (bodies) … caused by a hormonal blood filling of vessels of the pelvis, and can in some women to raise sexual needs. But it may happen that the sex will be less satisfying (especially in the later period), in terms of retaining a sense of fullness after orgasm. This causes a lack of a sense of complex experiences of orgasm. A man may also feel an increase in pleasurable sensations (sweet and nice When petting). Or decrease (when the “fit” bodies so accurate, that does not reach an erection).

Leakage of colostrum (colostrum). In the later period, some women starts producing colostrum or a substance, its composition is close to breast milk. It may be inferred from the breast during sexual stimulation, which can cause de concentration during sexual play. Of course, there is no cause for concern, but if it interferes with partners, we can avoid it, do not irritate the mammary glands. Breast tenderness. Some happy couples find pleasant sensations in the breasts during pregnancy are more complete and resilient, however, often (especially in the initial stage) breast tenderness excludes this part of the body during love comfort. (It should be a partner to inform about the situation and not to suffer and endure pain in silence.) However, since then passes breast tenderness (the end of the first trimester), hold the state increased sensitivity enriches both partners.

The change of vaginal discharge. Selections vary in terms of volume, texture, smell and taste. The increase in emissions may contribute to the fact that sexual relations will be more enjoyable, because up to now has been incredibly narrow vagina and (or) appeared very dry vagina. However, you may reach a situation in which the vagina becomes wet and slippery so that the partner will have trouble getting an erection. Also, intense odor emissions may help to ensure that your partner oral sex is unpleasant. Rubbing aromatic oils in the bosom of the region and on the inside of the thighs can minimize these troubles.

Bleeding caused by increasing the sensitivity of the uterine cervix. In pregnancy, the uterus is also opening full-blooded as a result of increased blood flow through a lot of extra blood vessels to supplement nutrition of the uterus. It is also much more delicate. In this situation, a profound introduction member can cause bleeding, particularly in the later period, when the cervix is ​​prepared to leave. If it comes (and at the same time the doctor will recommend to abstain from sexual relations, taking into account the risk of miscarriage or other complications), just to avoid the deep injection. Penis into the vagina. It is also often the cause of mental disturbance that impact on sexual pleasure, which means that they are to be abandoned.

Fear of damage to the fetus, or miscarriage. With the proper development of the pregnancy, sexual relations are not a threat. Fetus is well protected inside the amniotic sac and uterus, and uterus carefully separated from the external environment mucus layer, located in the opening of the cervix.

Worry about that orgasm may cause miscarriage or cause premature delivery. Despite the fact that during orgasm comes to uterine cramping and spasms are a specific group of women may be more marked and continued for half an hour after intercourse, they are not a signal for a premature birth, they do not carry the risk in the event correctly pregnancy. However, orgasm, especially high saturation (caused by masturbation) may be prohibited during high risk pregnancy because of the threat of miscarriage or premature birth. Fear that the fetus is “aware” vyalyat “what is being done.” Despite Nate that the fetus can feel the vibration delicate walls of the uterus during orgasm, sovereignty can be argued that he did not “see” and “not aware” that happens during intercourse. The reaction of the fetus (comfort during intercourse, and after orgasm – heart palpitations and heavy traffic), it is only the result of hormonal processes and changes in voltage in the walls of the uterus.

The fear that the introduction of the penis into the vagina can cause infection. After 7-8 months, unless the man is not infected with a disease carried by sexually there is no danger of infection nor the mother nor the fetus. In the amniotic sac child is fully protected against the penetration of the seed and pathogens. Many doctors also believe that such a condition occurs in the first 9 months of pregnancy when the amniotic sac not broken (did not reach the fracture of membranes of the fetus). However, given the risk of fetal membranes crack at any moment, it is recommended to use condoms during the last 4-8 weeks of pregnancy, which will create added protection from infection.

Anxiety and excitement of childbirth. Both: the expectant mother and father often have mixed feelings about the approaching birth. They think about the new responsibilities of all n-order change, way of life, financial and emotional costs associated with raising offspring, may decrease the need for sexual relations. This ambivalence, which is known to many couples awaiting birth, but it must be a conversation topic for both partners, rather than find out in intimate situations.

Changing the relationship between man and wife. Marriage may be complicated by the thought that while they were lovers or husband and wife, have passed forever. Despite the fact that most of us do not associate with their own parents having sex, do we realize that such a link exists. However, on the other hand, many couples may discover that this new dimension of their life together can make them better sex and more carried away by them.

Subconscious reluctance. This sense of the future father there when he was jealous of the fact that now the expectant mother is in the spotlight. From the mother unconscious reluctance increases, if it considers that it is she is suffering for the sake of the child (especially the donkey is pregnant with complications), which both expect and who will be both happy. These issues must be clarified during the conversation, but not in bed.

Confidence in the fact that sexual relations during the past six weeks will cause early labor. The truth is that spasms of the uterus caused by orgasm, with the development of pregnancy become more and more. But, if the cervix is ​​not prepared properly (ripe for childbirth), these spasms do not have the character of early labor. This can be confirmed by many eager couples for which the prescribed period has passed. However, given that we do not know the direct mechanism for starting labor, and given the observed increase in preterm birth in case of continuation of sexual relations that take place also in the last weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may recommend that you abstain from sexual intercourse if the notice predisposition to premature leave.

Fear of infecting the baby when his head is inserted into the pelvis. Even those couples who have not yet had problems with sexual relations, may impose some discipline himself. Many doctors believe that, despite the fact that it is not so cause the child harm, but in this period of profound introduction penis into the vagina is undesirable and should be avoided. It is important to remember also that psychological factors may influence the sexual relationships between partners.

Changing patterns of sexual relations. Many couples who have made a lot of effort to ensure that came before fertilization can finally feel relaxed during sexual intercourse, their contacts will not be heavy with stress and impatience. You can do away with calendars, schedules, temperature measurement, and the eternal wait. They first may be happy with each other. Although pregnancy sex may carry with it more feeling than before, but usually it does not carry a no-brainer. This is – this sexual desire and the physical and psychological point of view. It helps in maintaining a close connection between partners, and simultaneously prepare the pelvic muscles for childbirth. It is a relaxing factor, which positively affects not only the partners but also to the child.


Since the intimate contact gives prospective parents a lot, it would be an ideal state if all couples can enjoy this pleasure throughout the pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is not given to everyone. At high risk pregnancy intercourse should be limited to a certain period, and sometimes – for the 9 months. Sometimes sex can be allowed, provided that the wife will have no orgasm, or sexual relations would be limited to petting. The most important thing to know that when it is safe. If your doctor recommends abstinence, should ask him, whether it be full sexual intercourse or orgasm, and whether that restriction or a certain period of the pregnancy. Most often, the reasons why you should avoid sexual intercourse, the following:

– Occurrence of bleeding in unexplained reasons;

– During the first trimester in women who have previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage or the threat of miscarriage, or have symptoms of threatened miscarriage in this pregnancy;

– 08.12 during the last weeks of pregnancy in women who have previous pregnancy ended in premature births, there was a threat of premature birth or develop symptoms of this threat;

– In the case of cracking of membranes of the fetus;

– Recognized as a children’s place (children’s place is located near or over the cervix, uterus), and sex could cause its premature separation, provoking bleeding, threatening to mother and child;

– During the last trimester, in case of multiple pregnancy.


Persistent sexual relations, as well as permanent (lasting) marriage are rarely created in a single day (or even a beautiful night). This is the result of a joint life, patience, understanding and love. This also applies to already established a ritual of sexual life, which at the time of physical and psychological unsuitable for pregnancy. Here are a couple ways to keep the intimate contact to the “highest level”:

– Do not let the frequency of physical intimacy affect the other connections. It is quality rather than quantity of contacts is very important, and especially – during pregnancy.

– It should make a bet on love and feelings, rather than the very physical zone of communication. If one or both partners do not experience the full sense of proximity or closeness of this does not fully meet, causing stress, you should look for the intimate contact of another sort. They are much more than in sexology textbooks, such as old-fashioned kissing and hugging, holding hands, massage the back, legs in bed to share a sweet cocktail, reading romantic poetry to cuddle up to each other, sharing a shower, dinner at a restaurant or at home with candles and in the presence of someone that awakens a feeling of love partners.

– Clarification of anxiety, which appeared in your communication, given the approaching time of birth, and the associated change in the needs and expectations, but the intimate sphere of contacts. Everything should be discussed openly, and if the problem difficult to resolve, should take the help of professionals.

– Use all the rewards of private life: it is also a good physical preparation for childbirth. (Not many athletes get such pleasure out of their training!).

– Consideration should be trying new positions, as the adventure. But we should approach it with patience. (You can even work out in pre-dress in order to know what to expect in real close). The most convenient provisions are: man on top (with pulling the woman, resting on his shoulders, or leaning to one side), the woman on top (to avoid the deep injection term), both partners lying on their sides, in front of each other or a female – back to the man.

– Their expectations must adapt to reality. While some women experience orgasm for the first time it was during pregnancy, some studies suggest that most women orgasm less frequently than before fertilization, especially during the last trimester, when only one in four women he feels.

– If the doctor has forbidden physical contact in a certain period of pregnancy, you should find out whether you allow receipt of orgasm mutual masturbation. If that partner can not, it can get satisfaction by bringing pleasure to the partner.

– If the doctor’s orders to obtain an orgasm, but not restricted themselves to sexual relationships, can continue to enjoy a mutual affinity, but not bringing it to the peak. This may not give full satisfaction, but will at least sense of intimacy. Perhaps another member of management between the thighs.

Even if the frequency and nature of your contacts are not like before, understanding the causes of changes in the intensity of sexual activity during pregnancy may help in maintaining a strong bond, and even more to deepen it, without frequent physical encounters.

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